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Your Next PPA Deal


EUR 650  

1st October 2019


13:00 - 17:30

In Collaboration with RE-Source 2019 Event 

"We developed one of the most powerful workshops to enable you closing PPA deals in the post-fit world"

Dr. Dierk Paskert  


"Pexapark's extensive experience in PPA transactions have been key in helping us expand and manage our renewable investments in open markets. Their highly structured approach to energy risk management as well as their collaborative work style has been a tremendous asset to our teams."  

Learn To Negotiate Like An Energy Trader


Complex Made Simple

Understand all the technical terms, so you can speak the same language as the offtakers



Key Concepts

Master the key elements of a successful PPA (profile cost, imbalance costs, volume costs, etc.)


Practical Insights

Receive practical insights on how to deal with renewable energy risks

Tim Marahrens

Credit Suisse energy infrastructure partners

“Pexapark is an important partner to us for the structuring and execution of our PPA transactions. Their hands-on transaction experience and risk management framework are of essential value for us when dealing with large PPAs in volatile, complex energy markets as just occurred in Scandinavia on the project Nysäter”

New EFET Standard PPA

PPA Trends 2019 

Workshop Overview

• The future of long-term PPAs

• Changes in PPA markets

Comparing PPAs

• How to valuate PPAs?

• How to Compare PPAs?

• How to use it? 

• How to tailor it to your needs?

Peter Urlings

Team Lead Energy Marketing Europe at E.on

"With the PPA Academy, Pexapark did an excellent job framing a systematic approach to valuating and managing risks involved in a renewable PPA and making their experience and knowledge accessible to interested 3rd parties like developers, investors or corporate offtakers."

About Us

Pexapark is a Swiss FinTech start-up, founded as a response to the renewable energy market transition from tariff-based to open markets. Founded in 2017, we have to date advised over 3.0 GW in PPA transactions and have been recognized across start-up programs and competitions. 


1st October 2019


Hotel Okura Amsterdam, Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Workshop Venue

13:00 - 17:30

Succesfully Close

Your Next PPA Deal


EUR 650  

1st October 2019


13:00 - 17:30